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Profile of the Company

“ Hangreentech : The Freshness-Keeping Innovator ”

Hangreentech is an innovative active packaging company developing and supplying the active packages which keeps the freshness of produce and foods optimally through the modified atmosphere packaging based on the patented materials.

  • Hangreentech is setting a business goal of developing and supplying the freshness-keeping advanced materials and packaging products which can satisfy the freshness needs of producers, distributors, and consumers. That is to say, we have developed packaging solutions extending shelf life of fresh produce and food and supplied them to overseas companies as well as domestic ones.
    Hangreentech has performed a joint research with Seoul National University for the freshness-keeping material technology and been continuously developing new products for the packages optimized for export and distribution of fresh produce and foods based on the research.
  • Since 2010, with the integrated brand of freshness-keeping packaging named , we have developed and succeeded in manufacturing the flexible packaging film (functional OPP, CPP, and PE) which farmers and distributors use either at supermarket or at convenient stores for the first time in the world. We have also developed and been selling the 'Fresh Bag' which is for household use enabling consumers to keep vegetable and fresh fruits in fresh condition for long time.
  • In addition, we supply the specialized industrial packaging to the global market as well as domestic market such as "FreshPad", which improves the freshness quality up to 50% ~ 200% by minimizing the decay of fruits in farms, warehouse or transportation process. We also supply "Fresh Flower Package", a packaging for the flower plant where the speedy transportation in given time is crucially important.
  • The fresh pads are widely used as freshness-keeping packages for export and acts as the energizer for exporting Korean fruits that had been difficult in exporting through the long -distance marine shipment because the least transportation period takes more than 20~30 days.
    Especially, the Korean Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry officially acknowledged its' excellent function which absorbs ethylene gas(C2H4) that triggers the ripening process.

  • AR-34 (Anti-Rot 34), the freshness-keeping advanced substance created by concentrating all of our innovative technological prowess, and HAP-1 antibacterial technology etc. are the world-class and leading-edge technology which has realized the freshness-keeping effect of agricultural produce fresh foods and dried foods, and eventually that technology will perform a role of reducing food disposal cost and greenhouse gas(CO2) and fulfilling the economic effect of getting profit in proportion to use (Pay Back) to all of the producers and consumers.

Hangreentech will make ceaseless effort to realize healthy and safe life for all of you through the development of freshness-keeping technology and the applied packaging.

Thank you
From everyone of Hangreentech