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CEO Message

“ Hangreentech : The Freshness-Keeping Innovator ”

Hangreentech is an active packaging company performing the joint research with Seoul National University in order to develope the world class freshness-keeping package. Since 2010, we succeeded in commercializing the functional package based on advanced material for the first time in Korea, we are now supplying it to National Agricultural Cooperative Federation, hyper market, convenient stores, specialty stores of organic produce etc and achieving recognition for high technological prowess.

Hangreentech is setting a goal of 3G (Green Packaging, Green Home, and Green Life) for creating the freshness value of fresh produce and food. We do our best to reduce food wastes in home and to improve the food safety and life environment by using the special packages which innovatively keeps produce fresh longer.

Hangreentech is a Green Packages company manufacturing freshness-keeping packages for fresh produce and foods, and eco-friendly household goods through the freshness-keeping materials, antibacterial materials, and package technology. We promise to supply 'Freshness-Value Packaging' which can be satisfactory to all our customers of farmers, distribution companies, exporters, and consumers.

Thank you

CEO Edward(Dae-hyun) Kim