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Zippys® MA Storage Bag

“ Zippys® : The Ultimate Freshness-Keeping Solution”

Zippys® MA Storage Bag
(For long term storage, sea transport, distribution of commercial farms)
Raw material Hangreentech’s 'AR-34' + PE, PP
Colors light ivory color or transparent
Features Freshness-keeping MAP(Modified Atmosphere packaging) for storage and distribution
Adjusting air(gas) and moisture
Controlling breathing rates of stored fruits
Restraining growth of fungi and bacteria
Applications long term storage
export packaging of fruits and vegetables
long-distance transport of produce
Kind Item Quality of material/ standard Main function Features
Storage bag for fruits Pear(Singo)/ apple,
Grape/ blueberry,
Kiwi/ cherry
Functional HDPE
5, 10, 20kg
- Absorbing and decomposing the ethylene gas (C2H4)
- Inhibiting the growth of bacteria and fungi
- Restraining the drying of fruit skin and weight loss
- Restraining the loss of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) etc.
Zippys® MAP(Modified Atmosphere Packaging) Storage Bag is a functional packaging which lowers the decay rate and keeps the freshness and quality of the produce at the period of storage by optimizing internal environment.
This bags are made in consideration of breathing characteristics (from high breathing group to low breathing group), emission rate of ethylene gas, sensitivity of ethylene gas and water content of fruit and vegetables.
Zippys® Storage Bag keeps the freshness of fruit and vegetables, and helps minimize the risk of price-fluctuation during storage or shipping period.
This bags are the verified and optimized bulk packaging for various produce such as pear, apple, broccoli, paprica, green coffee bean, etc.
Storage bag for vegetables Paprica,
Leafy vegetables
Functional HDPE
Functional LDPE
Storage bag for citrus fruits Hallabong tangerine ,
Other late maturing citruses
Functional HDPE
Storage bag for gree coffee bean Storage of green bean Functional LDPE
※ Tips
Before using this bags, please inform our technology team of storage/transportation condition (temperature, humidity, whether or not CA storage, 1-MCP treatment), harvest time (whether or not precocious species), and whether eco-friendly cultivation or not..
[Field Application]

Zippys Storage Bag is the ultimate solution for keeping the quality of produce during storage and export transportation

<Storage bag for pear(Singo)>
<Storage of kiwi fruit>

[Long-term storage of pear (Singo) - 8 months]

<Zippys® MAP storage bag (stored at 1°C)>

<regular MAP bag (stored at 1°C)>