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Zippys® Fresh Pad

“ Zippys® : The Ultimate Freshness-Keeping Solution ”

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[Zippys® Fresh Pad]
Product Name Model No. Size Main function Features
Zippys® Fresh Pad 470PD 47cmX27cm -Zippys® fresh pad series are the functional pads which absorb and decompose the ethylene gas(C2H4) that triggers the ripening process of fruits in the storage and distribution process, and inhibit the growth of various fungi.
-It extends the shelf life with the freshness-keeping function and satisfies the overseas customers' needs for freshness-keeping in exporting.
Since it contains the freshness-keeping composite(AR-34PD) made by natural minerals in PE resin, it can be used with safety. (Certified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety)
- Using natural-mineral composite (patent technology)
  Natural mineral composite certified by the US FDA are used as additives.
- Designated as "the freshness-keeping packaging for export" by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (Since 2012)
  The absorption·and decomposition of ethylene gas and anti-fungal effect keep the freshness and taste of fruits.
- Maintaining the marketability of the exported fruits and long-term storage fruits.
  This product is effective in long-term transportation or storage, and export of fruits.
- Applicable Produce
  Pear, apple, tangerine, strawberry, grape, melon, kiwi, fig, mango, banana, tomato, peach, yam etc.
Zippys® Fresh Pad 490PD 49cmX34cm
Zippys® Fresh Sleeve FN80, 120, 160 Small, medium, and big size fruit
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<Tangerine applied to Zippys fresh pad >

<Grapes using Zippys functional fresh pad>

<Grapes using regular packaging>

<Peaches with Zippys functional sleeves>

<Peaches with regular package>