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Feature & Application

“ AR-34 : The Core Technology of Freshness-Keeping Packaging ”

AR-34 Applications : Packaging of agricultural fresh produce, pesticide-free produce, fresh-cut, foods, and flowers etc.
Freshness-keeping complicated polymer (AR-34 series)

  · AR-34F : Packaging material for produce, flexible packaging food film, fruits MAP storage bag, food tray etc.
  · AR-34MF : Packaging materials exclusively for meat and fishery products
  · AR-34DF : Packing film for dried food (coffee, nuts, confectionery, dried fish etc.)
  · ARF-1 : Special packing film for flowering plants etc.

AR-34 series, Hangreentech's freshness-keeping materials, are classified into 4 groups.
First, 'AR-34F' is the packaging material for fruit and vegetables.
Second, 'AR-34MF' is the packaging material for meats and fishery products.
Third, 'AR-34DF' is the packaging film for dried food.
Fourth, ARF-1 has an outstanding effect on flower.
All our freshness-keeping packaging are manufactured with the optimized AR-34 in consideration of the packing contents' features, such as breathing characteristic, moisture content, nutritional contents (protein, fat, carbohydrate etc.).

'AR-34', Hangreentech's freshness-keeping material, exerts various specialized functions absorbing and decomposing the noxious gas in packaging and vitalizing the organic body, contolling moisture, antibacterial while having the merits of general synthetic resin (PE, PP, PS, PET) which is used for packaging materials.

Applied field of AR-34

  · Flexible film for agricultural product (vegetable, fruit)
  · PET, PP food packaging tray
  · Functional wrap film for fresh food
  · Fruit pad absorbing ethylene gas (C2H4)
  · Packaging film for fresh-cut product
  · Complicated film for meats, fishery products, and processed food
  · Film for fermented food, such as Kimchi,and packing film for dried food

Applied field of ARF-1

  · Flowering plant : Freshness-keeping film for flowers (packaging for export)

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