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“ Zippys® : The Ultimate Freshness-Keeping Solutionn ”

The meaning and concept of Hangreentech's CI and Zippys®logo

Hangreentech co.,Ltd : "Han" (Korea) + "Greentech" (Green Technology) The green technology enterprise which representing Korea.
+ [The eco-friendly and green-technology enterprise representing Korea.] + ["Han" = "One"] + ["韓" = Chiness Pinyin [han]]


The concept of CI

The CI, embodying the leaves which symbolize the nature,
contains our vision of carrying on the business corresponding
to the flow of nature and return the environmental profit in proportion to the use of our packaging through
the eco-friendly freshness-keeping technology.

Zippys® : The integrated brand of
"freshness-keeping functional food packaging"
[the meaning of Zippys : symbolizing the vibrant and lively freshness]
Zip : the concept of sealing (the concept of product) + Pys[pis] (Peace)

ViVi Fresh® : Global brand of "Freshness-keeping Active Packaging"
for Sale in Overseas Markets
ViVi (Vivid) + Fresh (Freshness)



Design Concept

Unlike traditional packaging, it is a specialty packaging brand that can control the freshness of agricultural products,
marine products, and livestock products.
It contains our desire to build a healthy food life through the freshness-keeping active packaging.

Hangreentech is the world class company which manufactures packaging materials and packaging products with natural composite based on its patented technologies.”
What is the root cause we've been packing food and other things?
It's not easy to keep them longer, but we always want to enjoy them with the packed things as long as possible.
Especially, produce and food are very important things closely related to our life and safty.
If so, how can we make new packaging to extend shelf life of foods against spoiling?
Are food preservatives and chemical additives the only way to solve these problems?
The answer is “No”.
Now, Hangreentech will show the new solutions developed by advanced packaging technology.