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Zippys® Bio-fresh Tray

“ Zippys® : The Ultimate Freshness-Keeping Solution ”

Zippys®Bio-fresh Tray
(for fruits, vegetables, fresh-cut, and other foods )
Raw material Hangreentech’s 'Bio-fresh' + other related synthetic resin
Colors Transparent, light ivory or black
Features Extend shelf life of fresh produce packed in bio-fresh tray
Applications Fruits (grape, banana, tangerine, strawberry, melon, apple, pear, sweet persimmon etc.)
Vegetables (lettuce, spring onion, spinach, broccoli, celery, paprica etc.), fermented food like kimchi, grains etc.
Kind Use Applied resin Main function Features
Integral tray Vegetables and fruits (pear, apple, banana, kiwi, tomato, mango, cut watermelon, pepper etc. ) PET -Absorbing and decomposing the ethylene gas (C2H4)
-Restraining the drying of fruit skin and weight loss
-Restraining the loss of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) etc.
Zippys® functional tray is the package container(PET, PP, PS) produced in consideration of the breathing characteristic of fruits and vegetables, and the moisture content, gas discharge volume and antibacterial level of foods.
It is the product which can extend the shelf life with the freshness-keeping function and satisfy customers' need for freshness.
Separate -typed tray sprout, mushrooms and meat packing etc. PP, PET
packing of produce, meats, and fishery (wrapping with Zippys®food wrap) PS
[Zippys® Functional Tray]
<Sprout, mushroom, and strawberry tray(separate type)>
<Fruit PET tray(integral type)>